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Only important code is Github Code contains also test site. I think it is my last word about routing which I do not like in my aticles here.  Only mnu, msg and mkd code is here, other code listed in CONTENT below is not, but I tested it once.

27 May 2017 I uploaded Oracle 11g PL/SQL Tutorial

Why I create mnu, msg and mkd code so slow? Because I could not find in books or internet enough good learning source. PHP frameworks are  to complicated and not enough explained for me – I think we do not need them until they stop selling waporware, whistles&bells. Javascript can be useful, but jQuery I am not shure. AngularJS same:  how Google children imagine programming – something not copatible with previous versions, complicated and bad explained.


  1.   1. Installing Apache, PHP, Oracle 11XE – all 64 bit.
  2.   1a. Install zwamp, apache, php, mysql, wordpress on win.10 64bit all portable
  3.   1b. Apache, PHP, SSL (https) on Windows 10, all newest 64 bit
  4.   1c. Web server at home, DDNS (dynamic DNS), access my dyndns from  local network, PHP, CURL, OpenSSL
  5.   2. 11g XE on Win 8.1 and Windows 10, APEX VERSION 4.2.5,
    Maj 24, 2014 and 5.0.3, Forms 12c – all 64bit.
  6.    2a. Oracle 11g PL/SQL Tutorial
  7.    3. Code – see  article 10.
    Scripts to learn php – higher level begining PHP :
    3.1 Zwamp
    server development ibrowser menu and
    3.2 lsweb.php = web server directory listing script
    ~ 120 lines very useful for development.
    July 2015
    Code refactored 3 – NON static class variables, no more constants.
    April 2015 Code refactored 2: Now this scripts are :

    1. OOP (object oriented programming)
    2. SPA (single page app – pages included not URL called)
    3. MVC domain-style (all eg invoice scripts in one dir)
    4. PHP outside web doc root (included, URL call impossible)
    5. Set up (paths & URLs) with  (static) class variables

    See below “Directory tree & code”.

  8.    4. Multiple files upload OOP, namespaces (november 2016)
    & How to recognize mobile device – OOP, SPA, MVC domain style,
    PHP outside web doc root – OOP; SPA; MVC domain-style
  9.    5. Code – SEE article10.  CRUD simple table
    (ID,…some data) PDO SQLite
  10.    6. Code – SEE article 10.  CRUD selfjoin table forum
    – message board PDO SQLite
  11.    7. Code – SEE article 10. Sites ORACLE 11g XE PERSISTENT DB CONNECTION POOLED (ESTABLISHED WITH PHP PDO OR E.Rangel\’s PDOOCI) – testing basic CRUD statements – it is ~1000 lines code, but is very easy. PHP 7 has OCI8 support only for DB 12c and it’s PDO support works with DB 11g, Oracle Linux has no PDO OCI support.
  12.    8. AngularJS 1.4.3 – understand ng & CRUD 11g Oracle. (I do not see advantage over PHP,  NG version 2 is much diffrent…)
  13.    9. Main development test production menu ( & sites) for PHP 7 & Oracle 11g on Windows 8.1 all 64 bit
  14.    10. Real life application “Messages” AJAX+jQuery CRUD&filter (to complicated ?)  – thema, blog, forum, CMS, builetinboard, Skype replacement.
    In my opinion this way is to complicated :
    See fwphp on github – own php framework
    programming style :
    routing with/without ? RE (regular expressions), autoloading namespaced classes (no include statements, no script paths in URL !!).
    I think it is better/simpler without RE because in URL is first parameter class name, second par. class method name, and all other URL parameters are known to class method – no need for cpmplicated routing/dispatching code.**************************************************************************************
    —————————————————- not yet uploaded :
  15.    11. MVC domain style – CRUD modules like Oracle Forms :
    – Composer’s PSR-4 autoloading
    – no singletons,
    – DI (Dependency injection)
    – bootstrap / no bootstrap
    – minimal use of Javascript
    – validation
    – debug (trace) messages – most primitive debug, but most useful (I tried Xdebug but makes mess with cursor on Windows 10 64 bit). This code I found on inet testing 5-6 code such skeletons like previous 5-6 rich text editors.
  16. PHP report writerFPDF for generating pdf from PHP or phpreports sw from Eustáquio Rangel ?
    phpreports  –  We write .xml report description and phpreports classes
    create .xsl which formats that .xml as report HTML.It seems to me that Eustáquio could make simpler report writer:
    – array instead .xml (idea is json, which, among others,  is array and replaces xml)
    – no xsl – only phpreports classes.Do we need OOP – classes here – procedural programming – functions – could be enough ?
  17. SOAP copying XML eg einvoice b2b (every user own site)

I think : every PHP learning source should contain such examples incorporated in authors web site (framework) idea. Here is visible how difficult and time wasting is developing / learning PHP or any web programming (framework). Outsiders as I am (I have a lot experience with Oracle forms & reports & Crystal reports) should not write such learning materials but this blog is protest against qualified authors which do not do sufficiently their job.

I use XAMP.

~~~ I intend would like to include (experienced) users comments in this pages. ~~~

  1. Best way to do (Knowlege what  / how is realy needed) ~~~
  2. Good explanations (Why), e.g:
    Why this pages: Important info short-clear in one place ~~~
  3. PHP PDO DBI ~~~
  4. Linux instead Windows (Oracle Linux, Ubuntu…)  ~~~
  5. Differences & limitations (comparissons Linux, Win 7, 8, 8.1, 32/64 bit) ~~~

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