10. Real life application “Messages” PHP PDO, AJAX+jQuery CRUD&filter (thema, blog, forum, CMS, builetinboard, Skype replacement)

Revised 2020.03.26

HOME  7. Jan. 2018 I uploaded code on Github https://github.com/slavkoss/fwphp – much different then in this article title – see below “All we need…”. This old B12phpfw version 3. is more complicated but if you like it could be simplified. I think version 6 on Github is best, simplest.

I think it is my last word about routing which I do not like in my previous articles here. Basic ideas are same in all my articles (code skeleton like Oracle Forms) Previous articles were tests of different technologies which made my conclusion :

All we need for MVC OOP PHP framework is (beside love) : to be mazohist what I try to minimize here, which is reason for this blog :

  1. routing / dispatching (last code as in Mini3 PHP framework https://github.com/panique/mini3)  based on URL query array
  3. CSS ~ bootstrap or own ~200 lines
  4. for blogging rich text web editor like : markdown SimpleMDE or html Summernote
  5. no or minimal Javascript, no AJAX, no JS frameworks : React, jQuery, AngularJS…  and simmilar overprogrammed libraries

I would use PHP and JS frameworks if they had better help, but they all seem (partially) like cat in bag, vaporware. It is pity so much work and at end we have application, not developing SW. Only author and his friends understand it.

Same is fate of Oracle Forms, new versions, after 6i, with 3-4 servers. It is application, not developing SW, it is why nobody starts new projects with Oracle Forms and Oracle advises Java developer also written in C called Java and better for evil empires. There is no sin to make new SW – old should be refactored – recoding all the time – see in Google search “extreme programming”.

Kae Verens published 2010 year nice book -CMS Design Using PHP and jQuery-. It has same problem as 90% WEB learning resources : smarty, and rich text ckeditor do not work and I did not found easy way to use newer version (Kae did not explain such problem). -Path science- is very poor – based on -all is in site-s document root dir. What if we do not have more virtual hosts (sites). It is very strange that this basics (and some other) are unfinished because this book is based on 10 years real CMS development.


Old versions

15.october 2017 I uploaded complete test site (with php.ini and Apache config files) in 1_tests.zip, it is old code not of interest, except some code snippets.

14.august 2016   I uploaded 3sites .rar – see HOME page for downloads, it is old code not of interest, except some code snippets. **4.august 2016** -Messages- real life application added **nicEdit** rich text editor (after testing ~10 RTE).

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